Nursing Tea Moringa Blend


Herb Lore's Nursing Tea Moringa Blend is a highly nutritious and effective herbal combination used to increase and enrich breastmilk production.  It is the exact same herbal combination as the Nursing Tincture Moringa Blend - just in the tea form. Here is a list of details and benefits on this product:

  • helps to support, enrich and increase breastmilk production
  • due to the Moringa, it contains high levels of vitamins, minerals (including iron), essential amino acids and antioxidants.  Its known as the Miracle Tree and is used as a food source in many cultures around the world.  It's quite an impressive herb.  Click HERE for more information on Moringa and its many benefits.
  • moms of twins report that this provides enough support to help her provide plenty of milk for both babies.
  • helps alleviate gas or tummy upset in both mother and baby.  Its the best product to use or try first when babies are very young or are prone to gas or tummy problems. 
  • high in vitamins and minerals.  Nursing Tea Moringa Blend is very healthful for both mom and baby.  
  • helps mom with postpartum recovery due to the high vitamin and mineral content, and to the Red Raspberry Leaf which will help with postpartum uterine recovery while supporting breastmilk production. 

This product can be used in conjunction with FenugreekGoat's RueBlessed Thistle, Moringa or Shatavari Tincture or vegi-caps.  For more information on the liquid extract, Nursing Tincture Moringa Blend, click here.

Ingredients:  Organic Fennel Seed, Moringa Leaf, Red Raspberry Leaf, Alfalfa, Nettle and Chamomile.  No other additives or fillers used.  Non-GMO and gluten-free.

Nursing Tea comes in a bulk form and is very easy to make and use.  You can make a large pot to drink from during the day, or you can use a tea ball infuser to make it by the cup any time you wish. The tincture is handy when frequent doses are needed throughout the day or if you have little time for brewing tea. They can be used together - a cup of tea in the morning or a relaxing cup at night, using the liquid extract tincture during the day while you are on the go.  With a tincture, nothing needs to be brewed, just take the drops and you're done!  NOTE:  Two droppersful (squeezes) of the tincture equals one 8oz cup of tea. 

For more information on this product and the herbs it includes, click here.

NOTE: Those on blood-thinning medications should use this product with care (or perhaps not at all) as the product does contain a small amount of Alfalfa, which is high in Vitamin K, the blood clotting vitamin. This product should also not be used by breastfeeding women who are wanting to become pregnant, as Moringa can inhibit embryo implantation. For women not wanting to become pregnant, this product and Moringa are just fine.  Goat's Rue, Moringa (for those not wanting to become pregnant), or Shatavari Tincture would be the next gentlest and easiest to use product for increasing breastmilk production.  Fenugreek vegi-caps and tincture are also available, but can cause gas.  Read HERE for more information on Fenugreek and how to use it for best results.  Shatavari Tincture is a perfect herb for breastfeeding women wanting to become pregnant, as it helps balance and prepare the body for pregnancy.  Read HERE for more on this and how it helps.


- Your products are great! I do not stress about my milk supply now that I'm using the Nursing Tea. It is a huge relief & my daughter's gas has improved. I will suggest your store to my friends!  Thank You, A.

- I received my order for Nursing Tea last week.  I just wanted to thank you and let you know I think it's great.  My friend gave me a bag to try since I'm back at work and challenged to pump enough to keep up with my hungry baby daughter.  The tea really helps!  It took me awhile to figure out how to drink it consistently and conveniently.  I concluded making a batch ahead of time, refrigerating it and bringing it to work in a water bottle that I swig from throughout the day is the easiest.  If I don't or can't drink it, I notice my output goes down.  When I was running low on the tea and didn't have a chance to order more yet, I bought a box of (one company)'s nursing tea and a box of (another company's) nursing teas to tie me over.  Neither seemed to help at all.  My production went way down.  I had 2, maybe 3 cups of them a day, but I didn't think the difference in output would be that great.  Anyway, I have your tea now, and all is well.  Regards,  C.K.

- When I gave birth to twins nine weeks early the nurse in the NICU told me that the best thing I could do for them was to pump breast milk. The babies were less than 4 lbs. each and my milk could give them antibodies and nutrients that modern medicine cannot duplicate or match. Unfortunately, I found pumping exclusively was hard for me. Another mother recommended the folks over at Herb Lore who set me up with their Nursing Tea. I made iced tea out of it and drank a 16oz. bottle every 3 hours when I pumped. My milk supply shot up dramatically by the second day. The babies got only my breastmilk and by their due date they had both tripled their birth weight! The doctors had some medications that they could prescribe to increase my milk supply, but the herbs were completely natural and safe for the babies with no side effects for any of us. And they worked so well! These herbs were life savers for us, literally. And as an added bonus, the doctor said the Raspberry Leaf in the tea was very good for my uterus after the c-section. I recovered in record time!  K.M.

Nursing Tea Moringa Blend