Nausea Relief Tincture


This is a soothing herbal blend helpful in relieving morning sickness, travel sickness, or any type of nausea. The drops can be put in a bottle of water to be sipped on throughout the day or by the dropperful under the tongue as the need arises. Nausea Relief Tincture was formulated with morning sickness and pregnant women in mind, and  is safe for use during pregnancy and nursing.

Ingredients:  Organic Peppermint Leaf, Fennel Seed, Red Raspberry Leaf, Chamomile, Wild Yam Root, Dandelion Root and Ginger Root.  The regular tincture is extracted in organic grape alcohol, and the non-alcohol version is extracted in organic vegetable glycerine (made with non-GMO soy) and distilled water.  All Herb Lore tinctures are gluten-free.

As a sidenote, mint (including Peppermint) can relax the sphincter that closes off the stomach from the esophagus, allowing stomach acids and contents to leak up into the esophagus, causing reflux.  Therefore, those with reflux or GERD should use it sparingly if at all.  Tummy Tincture would be a better alternative for those with reflux or indigestion.

For more information on Nausea Relief Tincture and details on usage suggestions, click here.

Nausea Relief Tincture