Labor Tincture


Herb Lore's Labor Tincture contains herbs to help initiate labor, to re-start a stalled labor, to detach a retained placenta, to stop postpartum bleeding and to help with an incomplete miscarriage.

There are now hospitals who are using this product to induce labor as a first course of action before resorting to Pitocin.  They report that it works in about 70% of cases.  Labor Tincture will not force labor, but gently encourage it.  If the baby is not ready to come, it will not work.

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PLEASE NOTE:  If purchasing this for helping to complete a miscarriage, please let us know in the Comments field during check-out, so that we can send the appropriate literature to you.  

Ingredients:  Organic Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh, Lobelia and Ginger Root extracted in organic grape alcohol.  All Herb Lore tinctures are gluten-free.   

Note:  Do not use Labor Tincture until the due date to avoid starting premature labor.  It is also not for use while nursing.  In rare cases, the Blue Cohosh in the combination may either raise or lower blood pressure. If this uncommon effect is experienced, discontinue use. Please view our information sheet entitled Labor Tincture to get detailed information and usage guidelines. Labor Tincture is available only in an alcohol-based form. For a list of herbs to avoid during pregnancy and lactation, click here.

TESTIMONIAL: After being in prodromal labor off and on for weeks while facing an upcoming induction, I decided to try the Labor Tincture. I was hoping to have a VBAC, and induction sounded daunting. Within 30 minutes of taking the tincture, my inconsistent contractions & prodromal labor kicked over to active labor, and I had my ideal birth 6 hours later! The baby appeared perfect on the monitor the entire time & my contractions were stellar & consistent without any pitocin! I highly recommend this product if you are just needing that little push to go into active labor. Thank you Pam for making such incredible products & caring so much about your customers!  Lisa .O. 

 I strongly recommend Herb Lore's herbs, especially their Labor Tincture.  I no longer use Black and Blue Cohosh, as they are already ingredients in their Labor Tincture.  As a matter of fact, their products work so well I threw out all of my other Black & Blue products and use this instead.  I have seen it work many times when other things have not, and I can highly recommend it over and above anything else.  Alison Osborn, LM, CPM, Grass Valley, CA

Labor Tincture