Garlic Ear Oil


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The 1oz size is getting closer to the expiration date than we’d like (still very good but we’re trying to be proactive – it expires on 12/2024) so it’s on sale at 30% off under the coupon code CLEARANCE  There’s only 2 bottles left so get them while you can!   (This sale does not apply to wholesale customers.)

This is a very effective natural remedy for ear infections. Many of our clients have reported extraordinary results using this product. Pain is lessened within minutes and the infection usually completely disappears in a day or two. This is an extremely safe and effective remedy with no side effects.

Note: dairy allergies or sensitivities are a common cause of chronic ear infections.

Please see Suggested Use below for directions on how to use this product.

Organic Garlic extracted in organic extra virgin Olive Oil. Non-GMO and gluten-free.

Wash hands thoroughly.  Warm the oil by placing your clean thumb over the dropper top hole to plug it, and run the glass dropper tube containing the oil under the hot water faucet until warm. Be careful to not burn yourself with the running hot water.

Once sufficiently warmed, place 1-5 drops into each ear and plug the ear with clean cotton. Be sure to apply the drops to both ears, even if only one is affected. Repeat as often as desired.

Oh Pam, you are remarkable, and that spills over into your incredibly-created, life-changing products!  I’m not exaggerating. With the help of Fenugreek, I was able to breastfeed my son till he was 10 months. I would’ve been able to keep going, but I found out I was pregnant again and my supply ceased. The other products I love are the Tummy TinctureHealing Salve, and Itch Relief. These last three items my whole family has used and loved! The past year I bought the Healing Salve at least 6 times! This stuff is a must have for EVERY household. As the original detailed info stated ‘Typical results is that it will heal a diaper rash within hours overnight in severe cases’ Absolutely 100% true!!! I cannot rave enough about this product!  You can feel good that you’re putting something that’s healthy on your child and your other family members, their skin is not going to be absorbing anything unnatural or toxic. I’m going to buy this for my cousins that are having babies. Now, the Tummy Tincture was a must for my son and I while I was breastfeeding because we both became bloated while I was taking a larger quantity of the Fenugreek. This helped immensely!  Pam, you have done a phenomenal job at meticulously detailing every product and which products work in tandem with one another.  I forgot to mention that I also purchased and love the Garlic Ear Oil. It’s given my aching ears relieve many many times. Even when the doctor says she doesn’t see anything out of ordinary within my ears (even though I feel an earache coming on), I turn to this product for help. I only have to use it overnight to feel relief.  I think that’s everything about the products. Now about you Pam. I have reached out to you twice about problems. You graciously and extensively answered me in depth and with compassion. The entire Herb Lore community is so positive and loving because of you and your products. Thank you so much for making healthy organic natural remedies that really do work, and improve mine and my family and friends lives. I wish you many blessings.  Deep gratitude, TLC