In the late 1920's, Dr. Edward Bach, a renowned British scientist and physician, observed that his patients' healing and well-being were directly influenced by their state of mind and emotional health. He noticed that the personality, attitude and present outlook of a patient had a great deal to do with their being cured or remaining sick. He understood that "the personality of the individual is of even more importance than the body in the treatment of disease". He realized that, instead of treating the patient as a body with an illness, the patient needed to be treated like an individual. "Treat the patient, not the disease."

Dr. Bach gave up his very lucrative practice and moved to the English countryside and dedicated his life to finding a system of healing that would address the underlying emotional cause of disease. HE KNEW THAT YOU CAN TREAT THE SYMPTOMS OF A DISEASE, BUT UNLESS YOU ADDRESS THE UNDERLYING CAUSE, THE DISEASE WOULD NEVER BE TRULY HEALED . Thus the Bach Flower Remedies were born.

Flower essences work on a spiritual and emotional basis. They work on the emotional body (which in turn affects the physical body), like herbs work on the physical body.  They will help you balance and move through negative emotions to facilitate healing. Dr. Bach was led to certain wild flowers that could "flood the soul with a beautiful, positive attitude, and diseases then melted like snow in the sunshine."

Flower essences are used for transitory situations (that move quickly through your life), for more deep-seated feelings, beliefs or personality characteristics (which take longer to dissolve), and for immediate, emergency situations, in which Rescue Remedy would be used, which has an immediate effect.

Rescue Remedy is a remedy that is used for immediate, emergency situations ranging from accidents, headaches, anxiety and panic attacks, little fingers slammed in doors, nervous stomachs, nervous break-downs, emotional upsets, pain or physical trauma of any kind, to that plant that is now lying on your desk because you forgot to water it (it will perk it right back up).  Pets and animals also respond very well to Rescue Remedy’s calming effects. Rescue Remedy will immediately soothe any frayed nerve or hurt so that you can get it back together again and think clearly. It is great for use in birth, for both mother and baby, not to mention the fretful dad and grandma! For me, I go nowhere without it!

Flower essences are safe for adults (including pregnant and breastfeeding moms), children, newborns, plants, and animals. They can be taken internally (4 drops 4 times a day), they can be dabbed onto pulse points, or spritzed into the air. For newborns, use 1-2 drops as needed. For plants and animals, place 4-10 drops in the water dish or can, depending on how large the container. You can never overdose on Flower Essences as they are simply water with the vibrational energy of the flower infused within. They are simple and gentle. Most people do not notice a shift for a few weeks (except when using Rescue Remedy which provides immediate results ), but rest assured, they will work as long as they are taken every day as directed. I have found the results to be positively incredible!

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written by Pam Caldwell
Certified Herbalist --- Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum & Lactation Specialist


I purchased your Vitex and within 6 weeks finally conceived and held the pregnancy!  I am now 39 weeks pregnant, due to deliver our baby girl in one week!! This is after three years of trying to conceive and having 10 miscarriages.  Then I used your Vitex herb and no problems or side effects.  We got pregnant spontaneously and have had a perfectly healthy pregnancy!  All of the many doctors and specialists I had seen over the course of the three years of miscarrying and infertility told me that my husband and I would never be able to have our own biological baby, and in fact, the only way we could is to use an egg donor and Invitro Fertilization!  So we researched the use of natural herbs and then we were fortunate to be referred to Pam Caldwell at Herb Lore for her expert advice and guidance and to purchase their wonderful organic herbal products. Another thing I would like to share is the fact that I am 41 years old. So I highly encourage and hope that all women who are having difficulty with fertility or having miscarriages to try the simple, safe and far less expensive method that I did to reach their goal of starting their precious families as we have done. J.S.